Euodia and mentor Prof Seeram Ramakrishna talks all things reengineering.

Euodia and mentor Prof Seeram Ramakrishna talks all things reengineering.

Among the World's Most Influential Scientific Minds (Thomson Reuters); Highly Cited Researcher in the World

So, when last have you had a mentor that not only advice as a subject matter expert but on the excellence of one’s life?

It only comes occasionally or chances are that you still seeking. Well, I have been extremely blessed to have crossed paths with Prof Seeram.

It initially started with guidance on nano-fiber, research and development and all things possible in the innovation space.

I mean this man a genius! Professor Seeram Ramakrishna, FREng is the Chair of the Circular Economy Taskforce at the National University of Singapore (NUS), which is ranked as the number one university in Asia and among the world’s top 10 engineering and technology universities, to name but a few credentials.

Whilst it is important to get the work done and me being constantly driven to be the best innovator and entrepreneur possible, I also find it truly inspiring to discuss the holistic approach as to why we do what we do as innovators.


“Sustainability by 2050”

Reimagine. Invent. Low carbon.

  • All Products & Services will be reimagined with sustainability lens.
  • Low carbon products & services will be the new normal
  • Science & technology and business innovations will be aimed at 100% domestic (within the community or country) recycling of waste, and 100% recycling of products.

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It’s exciting stuff, right?!

What I take from our discussions is that each of us were created as channels of zeal.  We can not be conformed by patterns of tradition, religion, etc. The afore mentioned causes blockages. We need to be child-like, free of fear and full of possibilities.

From there flows the abundance of life.

Our conversations force us to serve in excellence, through creativity, innovation, and science.

It makes me realize how important it is for innovators and scientist to constantly come up with solutions that brings peace, health, hope, and inspiration for the embitterment of society at large.

As our old president Nelson Mandela said: “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul” I now truly get it!

I have come to realize that I am that kind of innovator, I am the solution! What an awakening.

I hope that you are as inspired as I am.

Cheers to many more insightful life changing discussions where we learn from one another and of cause, cheers to us being in the process of becoming leading providers of hygiene textiles!

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