Inspire a healthy world through menstrual solutions

With reusable sanitary pads

The Reality: Research shows that up to 3 700 000 schoolgirls in South Africa cannot afford sanitary pads.
Help a girl in need. We would love to supply them with at least one pack of washable sanitary pads
that could last them two years and give them dignity and confidence. Join this cause today and support our young girls.


Who are we?

Gracious Nubian is a social enterprise based in Bloemfontein. We design, develop and manufacture
an innovative washable sanitary pad that can be reused for up to 2 years. We are 100% black-owned,
with hands-on owner Euodia Naanyane–Bouwer and two deaf-mute seamstresses fully committed to giving rural girls their dignity back.

To inspire a healthy world through menstrual solutions, and be a leading provider of affordable reusable sanitary pads in South Africa, Sub-Saharan
Africa and other developing countries worldwide.

Mission: To:
• Manufacture and deliver a high-quality and aesthetical product
• Maintain integrity in all our transactions
• Operate an economically viable business for the benefit of all stakeholders, including owners and customers
• Ensure service excellence to customers and end-users
• Ensure the health, dignity, psycho-social wellbeing, employment, and participation of all women in society


We Design, develop and manufacture innovative re-usable sanitary Pads