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Proudly South African scrubs locally produced and manufactured, ensuring affordable rates while producing exceptional quality.

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Gracious Nubian is expanding it’s product range as Medical Hygiene Textile Specialists and is offering a selection of medical scrubs and scrub caps with custom embroidery. Gracious Nubian is a Proudly South African company where all scrubs will be locally produced and manufactured, ensuring affordable rates while producing exceptional quality.

Where possible, Poly-Cotton Twill will be the preferred material for all Gracious Nubian Scrub sets as it keeps colour and can be washed in low and high temperatures. It is also exceptionally durable, comfortable and more wrinkle-free. A variety of colours will be made available and tailor made to fit each individual perfectly-comfortable.

Our sizing follows standard textile sizing charts, if you are a generally a Small you will be a Small in Gracious Nubian sizing Everyone is unique, please contact us if you require further clarification on sizing. Whilst every care has been taken to make this sizing guide as accurate as possible, these sizing charts should serve as a guide only.

Gracious Nubian Comparative Sizing Guide
The below is an indicative guide compared to standard numeric sizing.

For example
If you are a female and you wear a size 33/34 pants, you will wear a size S (small) at Gracious Nubian. If you are a male and you wear a size 32/33 pants, you will wear a size M (medium) at Gracious Nubian.

Bust cm Waist cm Hips cm Size
Small 81-86 61-66 86-91 32-34
Medium 86-91 66-71 91-97 34-36
Large 91-97 71-76 97-102 36-38
XL 97-102 76-81 102-107 38-40
2XL 102-107 81-86 107-112 40-42
3XL 107-112 86-91 112-117 42-44
4XL 112-117 91-97 117-122 44-46
5XL 117-122 97-102 122-127 46-48
6XL 122-127 102-107 127-132 48-50
7XL 127-132 107-112 132-137 50-52
8XL 132-137 112-117 137-142 52-54

Additional information

Scrub Suit Colour

Navy Blue, Blue Grey, Red, Black, Olive Green, Brown Stone Light, Brown Stone Dark, White Twill, Animal Circus, Kwanu Bantu Pink, Kwanu Bantu Red, Safari Blue Stripe, Safari Giraffe, Safari Eli/Hippo, Fun Raindrops

Scrub Suit Size

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, 3X-Large, 4X-Large, 5X-Large, 6X-Large, 7X-Large, 8X-Large